Different Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Various Buddhist Meditation Techniques Source: Flickr There are a number of various Buddhist meditation strategies that followers and lots of meditation lovers practice. Regardless of their distinctions, the methods are all usually based upon establishing 2 things- mindfulness and concentration. Listening to the motions of the body and to the ever changing frame of minds […]

Ayurveda regime for winter depression

Ayurveda regime for winter season depression Long nights, brief days, sweaters, warm clothing and cold weather make many of us sick and depressed. This depression which surface areas specifically in winter season is a Seasonal depression (SAD) and is often called as winter season Time Blues or Winter season depression. The specific cause for this […]

The Battle between Mindfulness and Active Meditation

The Fight in between Mindfulness and Active Meditation Source: Flickr Optimistic or pessimistic thoughts and feelings, noises, the things you see– everything around you, may it be distraction or not ought to be received as you do mindfulness meditation. You are not to leave out anything with this type of meditation; all you have to […]

Insight Meditation: Let the Power of Your Mind Make a Big Difference

Insight Meditation: Let the Power of Your Mind Make a Huge Distinction It is really tough to deal with stressful situations. Every individual needs to learn how to become aware of it and accepting it. One kind of meditation which is extremely efficient in handling the problems and hard circumstances of life is called mindfulness […]

Overcoming Anxiety Disorders Through Alternative Therapy

Overcoming Anxiety Conditions Through Alternative Treatment Source: Flickr There is definitely nothing wrong in being anxious. When faced with a problem or a scenario, individuals experience stress and anxiety. Many people have the tendency to worry when trying to complete a due date that seems impossible to beat like packing during final tests, or when […]

The Healing Wonders Of Meditation

The Recovery Marvels Of Meditation The use of meditation for recovery and spiritual enlightenment has been an ancient practice that prevails amongst the world’s fantastic religious beliefs and cultures. It is an accepted and proven alternative treatment that is classified under “mind-body medicine.”. Through the years, a growing number of individuals have discovered meditation as […]

The Purpose of Christian Meditation in Achieving the True Christmas Spirit

The Purpose of Christian Meditation in Attaining the True Christmas Spirit Meditation which originates from Vedic Hinduism is adopted by Eastern religious beliefs as one of their religious components. In reality, it became the mainstream of Western culture. Although meditation is thought about as an easy language, its description varies in 2 methods. In western […]